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K7SecurWeb secures online transactions by providing end-to-end protection for personal info right from the keyboard
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2 March 2011

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Any kind of personal item or collection is bound to be private to the user and hence calls for protection as well as shielding from any unsolicited source. Most of the times, this personal information is stored on a computer drive and in case the system is not locked or protected in any manner, it becomes simple for anyone to breach privacy and access that piece of information. Apart from physical violation, any system user can also have a virus infection on his/her system and that can make it further difficult to keep anything safe on the computer drive. Having a complete solution which can help in virus infestation as well as hacking problem can work wonders for a PC and for a regular user. K7 SecureWeb 11 is one such solution that can help the user in protecting their PC from any problem area.

K7 SecureWeb 11 upon launch opens with a vivid and vibrant looking interface with the major options placed at the top and the main screen showing the secure working of the application to make online transactions safer and much simpler. The application is also useful in protecting online transactions and can work seamlessly with presently working security solutions. Moreover, the application does not require any signature updates for defending the system against any malware that may target personalized information or even any transaction details. It runs smoothly over the system and does not slow down its performance by any chance while preventing any methods employed by malevolent minds to steal information thereby securing the PC on all sides.

Overall, K7 SecureWeb 11 can certainly help the user in working out suitable options for the user to protect the information stored on the system and thus gets a rating of four points for its impressive working.

Publisher's description

K7SecureWeb provides end-to-end protection for personal information right from the keyboard to the web site, and secures online transactions
• Patent pending technology to protect your personal information and online transaction from existing as well as future threats
• Begins where existing security solutions (anti-virus, anti-spyware, Internet Security) ends and completes your protection
• Protects online transactions even if the computer is infected
• Fully compatible with any existing security solutions
• Does not require any signature updates to defend against malware that target personal information and online transactions
• Install in minutes, does not slow down the computer or other running applications
• Simple, easy to use familiar browser interface
• Seamless browser extension that integrates with existing Web Browsers
Transaction Protection
K7SecureWeb ensures secure communication between your computer and the website and prevents any eavesdropping or tampering attempt to manipulate the transaction or add completely new transaction by malicious programs.
Personal Information Protection
K7SecureWeb protects sensitive personal information such as user name, password, credit card number right from the keyboard to the website and protects from Identity theft.
Malicious programs employ various techniques to steal information entered on a website. These techniques include
• Key Logging - logging the keystrokes and sending them secretly to the attacker
• Form grabbing - stealing what is typed in a form e.g. login form, registration form, payment form
• Content injection - asking for additional information such as PIN number, DOB, Social Security, by manipulating web pages
• During transit - capturing the information while being transmitted to the website
• Screen Capture - continuously taking screen shots and secretly sending them to the attacker
K7SecureWeb prevents all attempts to steal information, ensuring secure delivery to the intend
K7 SecureWeb
K7 SecureWeb
Version 11
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